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4.1.1 Will everything work out?

4.1.2 Should we be empowering a leader for the negotiations?

The Economy

4.2.1 is it time to change direction on austerity?

4.2.2 How will you act to protect the poorest in our society from bearing too much?

4.2.3 The Northern Powerhouse

4.2.4 The foreign aid budget

4.2.5 Food banks


4.3.1 Employment rights post-Brexit

4.3.2 Benefit sanctions

Peace and security

4.4.1 Terrorism and Brexit

4.4.2 Countering IS

4.4.3 Radicalisation and British society

4.4.4 Defence spending areas

Caring for Planet Earth

4.5.1 Responsibility for vehicle emissions

4.5.2 Renewables targets and Brexit

4.5.3 Tackling fuel poverty

The injustice of homelessness

4.6.1 Homelessness - the Darlington context

4.6.2 Fake homelessness and begging

4.6.3 Dealing with a homeless individual

Asylum and Immigration

4.7.1 Asylum aseekers and how we treat them

4.7.2 Can we survive without immigrant workers?

Religious faith in Public Life

4.7.1 Relationships with faith communities

4.7.2 Contributions of faith traditions to the common good

Criminal Justice

4.9.1 Should police now be armed by default?

4.9.2 Investment in the justice system

4.9.3 Restorative justice

4.9.4 Confidence in sentencing policy

The gap between rich and poor

4.10.1 Taxation in a fair society

4.10.2 Minimum vs Living wage

4.10.3 Child poverty

Life and death

4.11.1 Position on assisted suicide

The Social Care

4.12.1 Health